Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jay Leno Gets Comic Relief from Insurance Claims

Jay Leno’s opening monologue on November 17th included two insurance jokes.

One poked fun at NBC. Leno said that, if the raging Los Angeles wildfires got too close to the NBC studios, audience members should do nothing to quell the flames because, “NBC needs the insurance money!”

He also observed that, after an LA-area disaster response simulation on November 14th, scientists had now figured out a way to give citizens 30-seconds of notice prior to an earthquake. “Of course,” Leno quipped, “that won’t give you much time to do anything but it will give State Farm enough time to cancel your policy!”

Who knew that insurance claims provides so much comic relief?

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CW said...

Since the president-elect is an elusive target for comedians, they're returning to the old favorites like insurance company executives!